There’s only one thing to talk about today lol..

The show…

Them opening went AMAZINGLY well.

Small group of 15 or so folks, a 40-50 chat about the work, some coffee, some tarts and boom done.

I was very emotional about this show.

Surprisingly so in fact.

Here’s why.

Back in 1993 I graduated with a BFA from Nova Scotia College of art and Design and almost 30 years later, 30 YEARS LATER, I am headlining my own show.

30 years of terrible jobs, not doing what I was meant to do. Grinding through life to make money for things I though I was required to have and do. 30 years or ignoring something that was a huge part of what made me ME…

30 years of dreaming what if?

TODAY I don’t have to ask what if?

TODAY I did it, I successfully put up a body of work that folks were engaged in, seemed to enjoy and I was talking to a group of interested folks about my work, from an ARTISTIC standpoint.

I am exhausted, I am elated, I am confident and I am optimistic.

I made the right choice, I am good at this, I will succeed and this is just the beginning…

For now though, snack time and bed…

Thanks for all the support folks, thanks for believing in me when I was doubting myself.

Much love…