The Real World-Day 91-August 30, 2021


Deep breath…

This is going to be a positive, celebratory post, an optimistic one, cautiously, but optimistic…

Folks, I tweeted something to this effect a little earlier tonight so it may sound familiar.

I am coming from a nightmarish past. I was broken in every way. I had a serious injury, I was forced out of my job, I lost a house, I declared bankruptcy, I had not one but two spinal surgeries and the absolute worst part, was that I lost my spirit and I lost my mental health.

Then I rediscovered the passion of creating art, this time through the lens of a camera and through the canvas of the computer screen.

It was a revelation, it was a salve to all my wounds. It restored my mental health, it gave me a sense of self worth once again. I felt like I was doing something unique, something that reflected who I was and something that people were really interested in seeing.

I was struggling though, to make a living at this beautiful life.

Print photography will only take you so far, I am going to have a tour that will be successful, it will make money and it will put smiles on peoples faces and special memories in there lives. BUT, it takes seed money to make it work, vehicle, insurance, advertising, media, merch and more…

I really didn’t know where that money was going to come from, I frankly didn’t know how we were going to survive the winter, especially if Darlenes ability to work and earn is seriously impacted by the seizure she suffered at the beginning of August. We were on unsteady ground. We ARE on unsteady ground.

Then, at the urging of a couple of online friends, I started to look into NFT’s

I was confused by them, I couldn’t wrap my head around the concept, but I kept reading that digital photography was the next big wave in the NFT world.

So, I studied, I asked questions, I was vocal on twitter and I invested the little bit of money I did have in gas fees to mint my first NFT.

That was it, I was going to be rich, but, then, it didn’t sell…

I was crushed…

But I listed it again, this time not as an auction and wouldn’t you know it, it sold!

It was a modest sale, but it emboldened me and gave me the courage to put another up and ask for more.

Today it sold.

It sold for 0.5 ETH, that’s about 2k Canadian.

What a blessing, what an amazing platform. The gent who collected the work was such a help. he suggested some different things, offered some very solid advice and assured me, from a collectors point of view, that my work and my approach was solid and there is NO reason I shouldn’t do well with this.

Look, I am NOT spending my money before its banked, but this could be it, this could be the life changer and for once, I don’t feel like I am dreaming, or trying to convince myself. When that sale came in today I called Darlene at her workplace ( she managed a half day again today, that’s a win! ) and she started hooting and hollering she was so happy.

Hard work, persistence and a NEVER GIVE UP attitude seasoned with a healthy dose of fear and desperation can move mountains, or, sell photos.

I said it before, it bears saying again. I’m not in this to be rich. But it sure would be nice to not worry and to be able to do the things I dream of. The tours, buying equipement, investing in a tech/arts scholarship for my local school, mentor, provide boosts to kids who are wanting to shoot their world but don’t have the cameras or the right person supporting them.

This is my dream folks…

NFT’s can make them happen…

Plus, I get to share some pretty awesome photos of one of the most amazing places on the planet with the world…

These are wonderful times…

I have a mosaic currently minted on OpenSea…

Through the Looking Glass

I have a collection of 20 of my favorite Twillingate photos being minted as a collection this coming Friday. There will also be a draw at the end of the sell through, once all 20 NFT’s have sold.


Wish me luck…

Things are looking up…

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