Home-Day 94-September 02

What an up and down day.

As I spoke about last night, today we had to put our beautiful kitty Random over the rainbow bridge.

The vet clinic was amazing, gentle, explained everything, was calm and soothing. Let us guide the process at our speed and was nothing but loving and respectful to Random.

In the end she went quickly and surrounded by the people who love her.

I want to say as well, I was very proud of the boys. The handled this with grace and poise, allowing themselves to grieve while understanding that what we were doing was the most loving and right thing we could do for poor Random.

She’ll be missed, she’s better where she is, where the catnip is plenty and the fields are full of things to chase.


Moving on…

I was pleased to be invited to speak to Steve and CBC Radio this afternoon about my work, my inspiration and the recent foray into NFT’s.

Tune in Saturday morning for Weekend Arts Magazine to hear what we talked about.

Speaking of NFT’s, my 20 piece collection Twillingate Explored is dropping in the morning…

Wish me luck!

Thats’ it for tonight folks, its been a heck of a long day, much sleep is required…

Goodnight, and have a wonderful evening, smooch your pets.

Monthly Recap – Day 92 – August 31, 2021

What a goddamn month this was.

It started out incredibly, coming off my residency in Twillingate, I had a lot of interest in my work, my calendars had arrived, my Etsy site was set up and going.

I had plans to spend a week in St. Brendans, at least 2 nights on the Southern Shore, a couple of night in the Burin area, all collecting, capturing and sharing off the beaten track places of history, steeped in the stories of the past.

I had a show being hung in Eastport and I was on the right track.

My beautiful wife Darlene was on month three of her dream job. A note here, many of you may not know the back story here. Darlene didn’t work for the first 16 years of Gabriels life. First she stayed home to raise him to a school age, then, in kindergarten, Gabe was diagnosed as being on the spectrum and she and I decided she would stay home with him and his younger brother while I worked.

Darlene is a smart, talented graphic designer and while this was the right decision to make and we were both ok with it, I was over the moon happy for her when she actually got hired as a graphic designer 5 minutes away from where we lived.

I had my vehicle, the $1000 bone wagon ( Thanks again Joe and everyone else who helping make that happen and helped again when it went in the shop, you are all angels ). For the first time since my spinal surgeries I could drive for more than 10 minutes pain free and I could get in and out of the rig without crying in pain.

Everything was coming up roses.

Then Darlene had her Grand Mal seizure and life changed completly.

Look, the most important thing is she is on the mend, and today, almost full month later, Darlene worked a full 7 hour work day.

This is a huge deal.

When the event happened though, and for the 3-4 weeks that followed, and for the next 5 months. Life changed.

Darlene can’t drive, at least until she goes a 6 month period event free.

So, I am the only set of wheels in the house. This means I can’t go anywhere, I am bringing her to and from work, the kids to where they need to go, Damian starts school in a week and he will take the bus but will require rides form time to time as well.

I am grateful that my family in intact, we all were scarred to various degrees by the events of a month ago, but we are intact and we have each others back.

Its scary though for me, my career was just teetering on the edge of taking off. The residence was a huge boost, the work I did while there was among the best work I have EVER done. I was excited to continue to develop that style and turn my eye to other places in the Province, share that with the world, bring some attention to these wonderful places.

That’s paused for now… not done… paused…

But, as I spoke about in previous blogs, I spent most of August REALLY stressed about the coming months and how we were going to survive if I couldn’t generate new interest and income from my work. Photography is a funny thing, every one LOVES to see it, few like to buy it, and the conventional thinking is there are only so many walls in a house.

That’s why I invested my time and energy into calendars, art cards, greeting cards etc. These are things that folks need and will buy regularly. But, to make a living I would need to sell 3000 calendars, about 2800 more than I will sell, or 10,000 art cards, about 9900 more than I will sell. Or I would need to sell about 200-300 prints and canvases, again, about 250 more than I will sell.

As you can see, as successful and as popular as some if the things I do are, and they are, I value each and every transaction, there are a long long way from being where I could make a living from them, or, even survive.

It was a stress filled month.

Despite the shows, the markets, the fact I had not one but two interviews with CBC radio in August, and that kind of coverage is stunning to me, it was a dark month full of dark thoughts with no relief from any of it in the form of really immersing myself in a photo project.



The last week of August was good. I had an excellent Birthday, Dee was easing back to work, and as I mentioned above, actually clocked a full day today.

And, I discovered NFT’s…

Not going to go into any detail on them here, I have spoke on them exhaustively over the past few days.

Suffice to say, it give me some optimism that things are going to be ok. I will take that as an end of August feeling anytime.

So, lets see what September might bring shall we?

One last note on NFT’s though. I am doing a major drop of a collection on Friday. One of the 20 items is already sold, which is AMAZING to me, I am optimistic the rest will do as well.

If you are interested in it, its going to be at this address…

Twillingate Explored

Here’s one of the pieces I edited especially for this drop…

And here is a look at the 19 pieces so far.

The 20th is a surprise for Friday!

Until tomorrow folks, have a great night and a better September!

The Sunset

Thanks for your interest in my second NFT mosaic offering.

This image is of an anchor at sunset I captured during my recent residency in Twillingate, Newfoundland.

While the source image is stunning, what makes this particular image, as with all my mosaic offerings, are the captures that serve as pixels in the larger piece.

Assembled in this photo are 150+ sunset photos captured by myself over the span of 18 months. These 150 photos are used as the basis for over 7500 individual tiles that make up the larger piece.

These mosaics are NFT exclusive and will not be offered in any other medium and are all 1/1 editions.

Here is the offering, followed by several expanded detail shots showing the photos as pixels….

If you are interested in purchasing this NFT you can find it at the following address

Sunset Anchored

Thank you for your interest.


Home-Day 62- August 1, 2021

August already!

Can you BELIEVE it?

Time never slows my friends, it never slows..

Well, unless you are getting a dental procedure completed and then it goes in reverse lol

So, I’ve been busy framing some photos for the upcoming Eastport exhibition. Its NOT a show in the truest sense. I will have a body of work hung there for the remainder of August, this work will also be for sale while there should anyone be interested.

I’ve set up a little work space for myself in the basement of our house, bought a 6 foot folding vinyl table to frame on, do packages, sign limited editions etc. It’s nice to have a little space of my own carved out to work from. If this journey ever gets to the point where I am actually making money I want to convert part of my basement to a little photo studio/home office/packing area lol…

Ideally I would have a small space somewhere, in a vintage or historic home, shed, stage, whatever, where I could display my work, hold workshops, operate a tour from etc.

I keep saying one of these days but at 50, 51 on August the 25th, its got to be one of these days SOON!

I’m not getting any younger.


As I was saying, I created this little work area in the basement, the area of the basement I put it in was in an area we had intended for the kids to use. It was only when I posted a photo on Twitter of the work I was framing that a realized anyone could figure out it was a kids area pretty quickly…


The reflection of Squidward in the frame is HILARIOUS… only the very best Sponge Bob curtains for our kids let me tell you!

The framing is going well, I have all the small and medium size frames done, only the large 24×36 ones are left to go…. they take a little fiddling. Can’t wait to see them all up though, should be amazing!

FYI for anyone who missed it, my shop site has now been updated with my personal favorite Twillingate work. I’m very pleased with this body of work, I hope that it finds its way into some homes around the globe. Twillingate is a special place that deserves to be shared far and wide…

My two FAVORITE Twillingate shots?

Here’s on interior shot that’s my personal favorite….

And my favorite exterior shot….

Such a magical place….

Certainly, this whole province of mine is a treasure trove of new and interesting things to discover…

I’m going to enjoy discovering them and sharing them all with you!

Remember, I could use your support to continue to create and share with you. Why not visit my shop in the links above, pick up Stained Glass, maybe purchase a calendar or even a coffee!

Everything is appreciated folks, including your kind words of encouragement and support.

Twillingate-Day 58-July 28,2021

This is it..

Final night…


What an amazing gift this has been.

I keep hearing from folks about what In contributed to this community and I am a floored everytime I hear it. I feel as though I did nothing out of the ordinary, I visited, I observed, I collected and I shared.

This place has changed me for life.

I have learned much about myself, through solitude, through hardship, through challenges and through exploration.

I know that I NEED to do this again, I NEED to visit, to immerse, to explore and to share..

I just need someone smarter than me to help me figure out how to make that work.

It’ll get figured out.

I want to take a minute to thank the fine folks of the Unscripted Festival who created this residency program. I am so thankful they took a chance on a 50 year old man who was just rediscovering what it is to be an artist, to see the world in a different way.

To be honest, I wasn’t even going to apply for this residency. I have mentioned it before but I suffer in a very large way from imposter syndrome. Even now, after the past two months, I still sometimes feel like a fake. I thought, who am I to apply for this, I’ll never get it, there are so many more people more talented, more deserving.

But, with the encouragement of my beautiful wife I did it…. and low and behold… I got it….

Folks, please, take from a man who struggles with this every single day, don’t let your self-doubts prevent you from reaching for your dreams. It’s hard, its damn hard, to push those internal voices to one side and to go for it, but its soooo worth it.

I now have the confidence to go after everything I can, and while I will always have those internal doubts, I know I am deserving.

So, whats the next step?

Well, now its time to get through August… I have a ton to do, shows to hangs, new places to visit, calendars to ship and many many more photos to take and share….

I am also going to start a weekly webinar, though that may have to wait until Sept, it will happen.

I want to close with where I started.

Its fitting that one of the first photos I took was on the outside looking in, and one of the very last photos I took was in the exact same shed, but this time on the inside looking out. If there is a more fitting metaphor of my brilliant time here in Twillingate and how the people here welcomed and supported me… I don’t know what it is….

My first night here, I found this shed with a lantern in the window….
and one of the last photos I took here in Twillingate, the same shed, this time on the inside looking out…

I am blessed, I am thankful….

And I am out of here….

Stay tuned, the blog continues tomorrow night…

Remember, I could use your support to continue to create and share with you. Why not visit my shop in the links above, pick up Stained Glass, maybe purchase a calendar or even a coffee!

Everything is appreciated folks, including your kind words of encouragement and support.

Twillingate-Day 57-July 27,2021

So I was going to do a little workshop today on how changing certain things in the editing process, ie: warmth, coolness, contrast, saturation, etc could really change the narrative in a photo…



I ended up spending some time with an amazing fella, Charlie, owner/operator of several vacation homes here in Twillingate. If you ever want an unique place to stay, check out the Pumpkin House, stunning restored and renovated historic property done with taste and class… so beautiful…

The highlight for me though was one of his other properties, one he is currently in the process of doing a combination restoration/renovation on, Lupinfeild House in Durrell…

This property is an obvious labour of love for Charlie… he was beaming just telling me about it and you could see the pride in his face as he described the process he took to bring this proud old house back to life…

One of the absolute NEATEST things was this tile work in the shower…. its all beachcombed ceramic pieces…. how amazing is that?

Of course, me being me I was at my happiest in the outbuildings….

And lastly, but not least… this amazing double root cellar that was built and shared by two brothers….

In other news, my calendars were delivered to my printer today!

Going to be picking them up on my way through on Thursday, I am sooooo excited…. can’t wait to get these out to folks!

I will be selling at a couple of locations coming up, but it you want to order one you can do so at the Calendar Link above. I am also going to be adding them to my Etsy shop!


Thank you…

Remember, I could use your support to continue to create and share with you. Why not visit my shop in the links above, pick up Stained Glass, maybe purchase a calendar or even a coffee!

Everything is appreciated folks, including your kind words of encouragement and support.

Twillingate-Day 56-July 26, 2021

3-4 more sleeps!

Heading home on Thursday or Friday, depending on a couple of factors.

Looking forward to getting home for a week or so before I hit the road for my next adventure. Miss the family, this has been a long haul. Rewarding, enriching and amazing…. but long..

I’m starting to get concerned about income again truth be told. My EI claim ( to be clear, I report my self-employment income ) was put on hold when I came out here to work and I was told it would take 21 days to come to a decision, so far its been 54 days…

I called last week and was told they were escalating the claim and I should have an answer in 5 business days or less, tomorrow is the 5 business days.

When I asked what they would do if there was no decision in 5 days…. the answer…

Escalate it again…


Look I’m hoping its not going to be a big deal, I am optimistic that sales will take off when the calendars hit the ground and I get some more exposure AND we get closer to Christmas…

I just like having the safety net if you know what I mean…

Had some folks ask what was going to happen to the blog when I am done here in Twillingate…

Nothing… it continues, the numbering will also continue, I want to have a min of 365 days consecutive blogs. The locations and dates will of course…

The at the end of the week the blog will be Clarenville-Day whatever-July whatever…

Blogging is important to me… its a destress activity and it also allows me to share where I am, what I am doing and what I am seeing…

Today wasn’t a great photo day, it was WAY too bright, though I did get out to Herring Neck for a few photos…

I’m going to use that church one in a blog tomorrow showing how different color edits can change the way a photo feels, thus telling a different story…

Should be fun!

Guys, listen, thanks so very much for joining me on this adventure! Its been a truly shared experience and I have grown so much, thanks for the support along the way!

Thank you…

Remember, I could use your support to continue to create and share with you. Why not visit my shop in the links above, pick up Stained Glass, maybe purchase a calendar or even a coffee!

Everything is appreciated folks, including your kind words of encouragement and support.

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Twillingate-Day 55-July 25, 2021

What a great day1

My Dad and his partner came for a visit today and I couldn’t be happier.

There’s probably a whole volume of psychological theories and such on why men always seek the approval of their dads. While both my parents were very good at letting me do my own exploration and make my own decisions, I know art wasn’t the, ummm, optimum path we’ll say, that they wanted me to embark upon. To see him smiling and generally being proud of the work I have on the walls, well, it was a wonderful feeling.

I think as much for him as for me lol

All that aside, it was nice regardless. We drove around, chatted, saw the sights and I had fish tacos for lunch…

It doesn’t get much better than that lol


A couple of housekeeping items..

The 12 photos currently on display the the Blue Barrell ARE for sale for the very good price of $250 each. They will be available after August 1st. I will find out what the best contact is for the purchase of them from the fine crew at Unscripted and post it here.

However, you can ALWAYS purchase directly from my print shop as well. Shipping is free ANYWHERE in Canada.P

People have been wondering about the Eastport show. As of now there won’t be a formal opening, however, I am going to reach out and see if I can do an artist talk or similar there sometime in August.

Stay tuned for more on that…

I am in St. Brendans from August 9-12, looking very forward to that…

I am also looking at a West Coast trip in September or October, fall foliage is what I am thinking. I was ALMOST on the West Coast last year in October to shoot a wedding and the colors were magic!

So, why am I listing all these locations?

Well, I am in the process of speaking with publishers about a series of books collecting my works at various locations across the island, and into Labrador in the next year.

The first will be a collected works of my time here in Twilingate, then a Bonavista Pen. one, a west coast version and finally, a Labrador version.

These will be Visual Stories told through photographs and some of my thoughts on the areas I travel and the photos I capture,

I’m excited about these books and I am of course still working on my larger collection of Abandoned and Historic Places for Where Once We Stood.


I am going to be doing webinars, weekly, starting in Sept. Topics will be photography, light room, inspiration etc. etc.

I will post more here as its available.

Guys, listen, thanks so very much for joining me on this adventure! Its been a truly shared experience and I have grown so much, thanks for the support along the way!

Thank you…

Remember, I could use your support to continue to create and share with you. Why not visit my shop in the links above, pick up Stained Glass, maybe purchase a calendar or even a coffee!

Everything is appreciated folks, including your kind words of encouragement and support.

Twillingate-Day 54-July 24,2021

A slow day today, I gave myself a day of semi-relaxation..

Did some cleaning around the apartment, preparing to pack up for the journey back home.

I think I am going to head back Thursday night or Friday morning. I have a significant amount of work to do to prepare for the Eastport show.


The work that will be in Eastport is NOT going to be simply the same work that I am showing here this week. The Eastport showing will reach beyond the borders of Twillingate and encompass many of my favorite places, Salvage, Red Cliff, Tickle Cove, Bonavista just to name a few.

Its exciting to be able to share and show this work.

I’m going to show one of the pieces that I will have out there, and I am showing it as a little teaser yes, but also as an example of how I try to approach a subject.

This next photo ISN’T the one I am talking about lol, but I need to show this to get to where I am going.

Two summers ago I shot this photo of a stage in Salvage…

This photo was, in actuality, one of the ones that made me think that yes, I could be a photographer. It was an eye opener for me…

Looking back on it now its a little overworked and compositionally its a little weak..


It was and is an ok shot…

So, this spring I returned to that stage. It wasn’t sunset, the lighting was mid-day harsh and really not ideal for any sort of photo work to be honest. However, I was there, I was visiting that stage and I wanted to shot something.

Here’s the shot I took that day…

You would never suspect it was the same stage. Just dropping down to ground level, shooting from an angle and a viewpoint that we don’t often see, using the shadow of the harsh light to create that separation in the rock.

This was a photo that didn’t present itself like the obvious stage in a sunset, there was little thought or planning required to get an interesting shot in the first circumstance. It was there, laid out for me, I only had to take the photo and make sure my settings were right.

The second photo required though, planning, several versions, different angles, trail and error.

The second shot makes me so much more content than the first.

In my mind I can’t help but think, what if I took the time to examine all the angles in the interesting light? What it I didn’t take the first image or composition that presented itself and instead, looked at all the possibilities, what might that first shot have looked like?

Photography, and art, visual story telling, is like anything, you are constantly evolving, growing, learning and adapting…

What a wonderful journey to be on, what an exciting thing to be in the midst of…

I cannot wait to continue the journey and look for all the different angles…

I cannot wait to share with you all what I discover…

Before I go, I want to thank everyone who commented on the success of the show opening. I truly appreciate it, it gives me confidence and fills my heart with joy and contentment,…

Thank you…

Remember, I could use your support to continue to create and share with you. Why not visit my shop in the links above, pick up Stained Glass, maybe purchase a calendar or even a coffee!

Everything is appreciated folks, including your kind words of encouragement and support.

Twillingate-Day 53-July 23, 2021

There’s only one thing to talk about today lol..

The show…

Them opening went AMAZINGLY well.

Small group of 15 or so folks, a 40-50 chat about the work, some coffee, some tarts and boom done.

I was very emotional about this show.

Surprisingly so in fact.

Here’s why.

Back in 1993 I graduated with a BFA from Nova Scotia College of art and Design and almost 30 years later, 30 YEARS LATER, I am headlining my own show.

30 years of terrible jobs, not doing what I was meant to do. Grinding through life to make money for things I though I was required to have and do. 30 years or ignoring something that was a huge part of what made me ME…

30 years of dreaming what if?

TODAY I don’t have to ask what if?

TODAY I did it, I successfully put up a body of work that folks were engaged in, seemed to enjoy and I was talking to a group of interested folks about my work, from an ARTISTIC standpoint.

I am exhausted, I am elated, I am confident and I am optimistic.

I made the right choice, I am good at this, I will succeed and this is just the beginning…

For now though, snack time and bed…

Thanks for all the support folks, thanks for believing in me when I was doubting myself.

Much love…